Friday, August 4, 2017

Cha Yen Watertown

I was just reminded that I haven't been to Cha Yen Thai Cookery in Watertown for a while, so it was time for another visit to this charming little restaurant.

There is metered on street parking but it's only 50 cents/hour, and it seems to always be spots available.

I have given up on ordering Curry Puffs ($6.25). "Puff Pastry, Chicken, Onion, Tumeric and Potato". I gave up after getting dry, hard pastry with bland fillings. I have not given them a second thought here, but after I saw a picture, I had to try them. The puff pastry was cold but very light, and the filling was hot and really nicely seasoned. What a difference!

I have never tried Manitas Chicken Wings ($6.50) either and here they are, ordered extra spicy. "Chicken Wings Fried and tossed with a Spicy Garlic Sauce". They were sweet, sticky, crispy and spicy, but they were also overcooked and dry. Despite that, they were super tasty but just spicy despite being ordered extra spicy. I have to revise this after having the leftover wings that I smothered in sauce, they were HOT.

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