Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sichuan Gourmet Framingham

Framingham isn't really that far from me and finishing listening to Sunday Morning Blues (100.7) while cruising down to Sichuan Gourmet in Framingham isn't a bad way to start your Sunday.

This is how the place looked just before noon today.

Chengdu Spicy Dumplings (8) ($6.25) was nice sitting in a pool of bright red chili oil, but the dumpling itself was a bit too al dente. The filling was all right even if it was a bit sparse.

From the specials menu, I picked Gangou Dry Cooked Series with chicken ($12.95). You have a choice of four different proteins and since I had no idea what would come out I picked the cheapest one. It was very similar to Billerica's Gan Gu Beef. This turned out to be an excellent dish, not only was it spicy, but the textures was interesting. I know the Chinese really like textures and I can see why this dish would be popular. It had crunch from the bean sprouts and the lotus root, soft from the perfectly cooked potatoes and the chicken and then the asparagus adding yet another note. There was also Sichuan peppercorns involved and a pool of chili oil in the bottom. A very enjoyable dish, another keeper. Maybe I'll try it with frogs legs the next time.

There are some serious looking dudes on the back wall keeping an eye on the dining room.

This is how it looked 45 minutes later and not a beef and broccoli in sight.

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