Friday, January 22, 2016

Sun Kong Malden

Who would have thought that there were two restaurants in Malden serving Dim Sum during the week? I visited Yong Yong last week for their ala carte dim sum so this week I headed over to Sun Kong that is just a couple of blocks away. Their website doesn't seem to have any content.

They are located on the busy Eastern Ave and they have a small parking lot but there is also street parking available. They get pretty insanely busy on weekends so be prepared to wait.

This is the second dining room and you can see the ladies with the steam carts going around and there were at least four of them circulating.

They were going to sit me at the first table here, next to the doors but very graciously gave me another table when requested. They were really busy on a Friday for lunch but there wasn't any wait for a table.

You get your own scorecard that is stamped when you select among the offerings. Price? You have no idea until afterward when it comes time to pay. They do have a dim sum menu with prices but only in Chinese, so that wasn't much help. I started with some Shumai ($3.35) that had peas on top. What happened to the steamed shrimp that's usually on top? Apart from that, they were good. Everything off the carts was hot and seemed fresh to me.

Pea Shoots and Shrimp dumpling ($3.85 was the next step up in price) was tasty but a bit strange in texture.

My must have, Baby Back Ribs with black beans ($3.35). I think that the ribs were better at the other place, there seemed to be a lot more bones here. Still very tasty and tender.

No chili oil by default but I was quickly brought this when I asked and it was seriously hot but very tasty.

Beef balls ($3.85) got spritzed with something when served, I assumed it was the same dipping sauce that I got a Yong Yong. Very nice tasting and loosely packed tender meatballs.

Shrimp and Pork Dumpling ($3.35) was also really good.

All the fried stuff had its own cart, not sure how crisp stuff are staying being in a steam cart. Thinking about it, the steam seems to escape at the bottom, so only the dry heat is used to heat stuff up. Clever. I noticed that they had Fried Shrimp Chive Dumplings in there but only three to a serving as opposed to four at Yong Yong. I must admit that so far I like the ala carte ordering at Yong Yong better, not only was it much cheaper but the portions were more generous and all the fried stuff are cooked and delivered when ordered. I must say that all the ladies doing the carts was very helpful and nice.

Seriously sad looking fish tanks next to the door. At least the fish in the bottom tank was moving about.

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