Monday, March 7, 2016

Blue Ginger Wellesley

Boston Dine Out week has started again and one thing I'm looking forward to is a visit to Blue Ginger in Wellesley who does this right. First, you have a choice of a two-course lunch menu or a three-course for $20 and $25 respectively. Secondly, the menu changes every time and so does the lunch menu. Last time one dish was soo good I went twice for it.

There was plenty of free parking behind the restaurant. I think they now have about thrice the frontage they had when they first opened in '98.

The inside is very nice with the open kitchen to the right and the elegant dining room to the left.

Water and a small bread basket arrive promptly.

From the prix fixe Boston Dine Out menu, I picked the Lao Chicken Wings with palm sugar, garlic, ginger, and chile glaze. Crispy, sweet and with a bit of heat, the wings was a real treat and was, of course, perfectly cooked and super tender and juicy.

My second course was the Fish & Chips with Haddock, Curry aioli, and house Frites and some house-cured pickles. Excellent fries and the panko crusted fish was super fresh and cooked very nicely. The curry aioli was seriously curried. The pickles were interesting.

The dining room is very elegant and didn't remain this empty for long.

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