Thursday, June 2, 2016

Shaanxi Gourmet Natick

Shaanxi Gourmet in Natick opened a little while ago and we now have two restaurants specializing in Xi’an cuisine in the area. The other one is, of course, Gene's in Woburn.

They are located on the westbound side of Rte 9 and I noticed that there is plenty of turnarounds if you come from the west but very few going the other directions. Plenty of parking. They are kind of in the middle of nowhere but are located almost across from a Scrub-a-Dub.

The dining area looked really dated with an ugly brown carpet. We immediately got off on the wrong foot after I asked for a window booth and was told that they are for two people. Were they busy enough to justify that answer? Of course not.

The seating in the entrance area was actually nicer even if the floor was tiled.

I ordered what Xi’an is famous for, Spicy Hot Oil Seared Hand Pulled Noodles (7.5). Seared? The noodles were really nice and very light and despite the fearsome appearance of the spices, they were just spicy with a hint of vinegar and of course, plenty of garlic.

I also decided to try the Lamb Skewers (7.95) that arrived on actual metal skewers. The lamb was tasty and still juicy and most of the pieces were tender but there were some gristly bits included.

A better view of the lamb that was nicely seasoned with cumin and some heat. When it come time to pay, the same waiter compounded his error by asking if I needed change. The staff should never ask if a customer needs change, just go and get it. See how easy it is to lose a customer? The other waiter seemed much more professional even if he was in sweatpants and t-shirt.

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