Monday, April 3, 2017

Sichuan Taste Malden

Mondays are now Chicken Wing Day at Sichuan Taste in Malden. $6 gives you 10-12 wings, and you can choose between Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings, Spicy Chicken Wings and Plain with sweet and sour sauce on the side. This is available in the bar area during the whole day.

Here are the Salt & Pepper Wings. Crispy and juicy and I especially liked the fried garlic on top. Some of the red bits are peppers, and some are chilis as I found out. The wings are gigantic, well not really, but surprisingly substantial.

And the winner are the Spicy Chicken Wings! Same seasoning and veggies as in my favorite dish, Spicy Aromatic Fish Fillet. Crispy and spicy and still very tasty.

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