Friday, February 28, 2014

Eri's Wings & Seafood Woburn

I knew that the fries were good at Eri's Wings & Seafood in Woburn from the broasted chicken lunch and I knew that the fish was good from the fish sandwich lunch so I looked forward to trying this.

Fish and Chips Seafood Dinner ($8.99). Three big pieces of perfectly fried fresh fish with coated fries and homemade tartar sauce. This was an excellent Friday lunch for a lapsed Lutheran ;-). When I went up to get the leftovers wrapped I suggested that they should do a lunch special with two pieces for $7.95 she told me that they already do that but for $6.99!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Felicia's Stoneham

Wanted a nice lunch today so I went to Felicia's of the North End in Stoneham. A  nice sunny drive here today but good grief, the smaller roads are in terrible shape with potholes that could swallow a small car.

Bread with dipping oil, way too much bread, who eats half a loaf?

Zuppa di Vongole appetizer. Yes, appetizer. Only in America. This was delicious, fresh clams in a nice broth, well cooked and this was enough for me for lunch.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Eri's Wings & Seafood Woburn

Wanted something light for lunch today, so I went back to Eri's Wings & Seafood in Woburn to try their fish sandwich. Really like that they have local parking, makes life so much easier.

Fresh Haddock Panini on plain Focaccia with thinly sliced tomatoes and lettuce with homemade tartar sauce on the side. A good sized piece of fish, very lightly fried and cooked perfectly, still flaky and very moist. A really delicious light lunch and for $5.95 it's a very good deal.

Monday, February 17, 2014

PHU KET Wakefield

Since my Indian Monday lunch place, Punjab in Arlington, only serves from the A'la Carte Menu if there is even a hint of a holiday I decided on a whim to go to PHU KET in Wakefield.

Lunch boxes come with Tofu Soup and for something that sound pretty awful, this is a really nice soup and the roasted garlic sprinkled on top makes it even more interesting.

My old favorite, Grilled Pork Chop lunch box was as usual very good, fresh salad and crispy rolls rounded out the meal. This is such a nice lunch and well worth the $7.95 they charge. Impeccable clean room and as always very pleasant service.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Pho #1 Woburn

Braved the snowstorm and walked down to my local Vietnamese restaurant, Pho #1 in Woburn.

Decided to go with a Woburn Special and they come with a small chicken noodle soup, spring roll and a dumpling. The soup was hot, the spring roll was crisp and the dumpling was porky so all was good.

Tamarind Duck. The duck was tender with crispy skin, veggies were al dente and plenty of tamarind sauce. All of this for $8.95 and I think it's a really good deal, especially since the duck was cooked really well and I really liked the haricot vert sized green beans. Didn't like the walk home, walking into the snow, Ugh.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sono Asian Cuisine Arlington

Went back to Sono Asian Cuisine in Arlington to try some more stuff from this delightful place.

Decided to splurge a bit and ordered the Hamachi Kama as a starter. It's Grilled Yellow Tail Cheek served with a ponzu sauce. This is not often seen at sushi places since a) you only get two from each fish and b) the chef eats it. Here it was perfectly cooked and well seasoned. It was cut fresh dish morning off a 6 lbs Yellow Tail I was told.

Pork Katsu lunch box. Very tender and juicy pork perfectly cooked. The rest of the box was fine, good sized crab and avocado Maki.

Three chefs behind the very sleek sushi counter. The lights above the bar change colors and that was a bit irritating until I figured it out. Something kept happening that I just caught in the corner of my eye.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Szechuan's Dumpling Arlington

Freezing but sunny today so something hearty was in order so I went to Szechuan's Dumpling in Arlington to see what caught my fancy today for lunch.

The soup today wasn't bad, they called it eggdrop soup, I would call it soup with curdled egg, but it was tasty as opposed to the normal very bland soup.

I love the Twice Cooked Pork here! Made with tender pork belly, crunchy cabbage, sliced hot peppers and salty black beans and, of course the obligatory chili oil on the side. I then went to Trader Joe's down the street and bought a packet of precooked pork belly, you can never have too much pork belly. I also bought a bag of Poutine and that should be interesting to try, it has actually gotten good reviews from Canadians.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Taipei Gourmet Lexington

Comfort food at Taipei Gourmet in Lexington for lunch today. So what did I get?

Beef Chow Foon had some nice slices of beef and bean sprout scattered among the nicely cooked pasta, wish there had been some sauce included. This got me nicely stuffed.

I asked for some Chili Oil which I don't think they have so they took the normal chili paste and poured boiling oil over it to make chili oil. They certainly made Chili oil! This was the hottest chili oil I have had in a long time, luckily I tasted it before adding it and even just adding drops to the plate it was running nose spicy.

They do Taiwanese Dim Sum on weekends (Dian Xin) for lunch and it attracted a lot of people, mostly whole families. When I left they were almost fully booked.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Sakura Winchester

Went to Sakura in Winchester for some all you can eat Sushi today for lunch. What's better on a 20 degree day than some cold fish? On some cold rice?

I started with some warm things from the kitchen, Shrimp and Scallops Tempura and some pork dumplings. This is a half order of the shrimp tempura, I can only eat so much.

Apart from the normal Red Snapper, Tuna and Salmon I also ordered a razor clam and that was just a paper thin slice. They also had things called something pizza listed under the sushi section and since Jay couldn't really explain what it was I ordered a Tuna Pizza and it's a flattened piece of rice with tuna and sauce topped with crunchy tempura batter on top.

This is the Sushi bar tucked away in a corner and they actually had two chefs working. Unfortunately, I was the only customer today until a couple more showed up shortly after one.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Eri's Wings & Seafood Woburn

Went back to Eri's Wings & Seafood in Woburn to see if anything had changed since my last visit and also to try a different side.

Interior view from a different table. Both TV's was on and loud enough that they could be heard even from my front window table.

2 piece dark dinner with fries. The fries were actually really good, coated and crispy on the outside and soft inside, delicious! The chicken was again very moist and tender but way too salty. They claim it comes this way and that they have complained about it, but nothing has changed. I told them about the buzz on the web about them and that everyone loved the chicken but nobody would come back due to the saltiness. For just under $6 this is about the same price as Popeye's but the sides are way bigger and you also get a soda included. Now if they just could get rid of all that salt.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Felicia's Stoneham

Felicia's of the North End in Stoneham is an old school Italian Restaurant that has been here for three generations. I just found out that they serve lunch 6 days a week and decided to give them a try today. I used to go here occasionally for Friday night dinner and drinks and was always happy with the food. Parking can be an issue at dinner but at lunch this wasn't an issue.

The bar area with the hostess. I always sat at the bar so this was the only thing I was familiar with.

The upstairs dining area. Dated? Yes, but nothing really wrong with that.

Just OK bread with a nice spicy dipping oil, it also comes with the small packets of whipped butter.

This was really the reason for the visit! Linguine with clams in a white sauce and much to my surprise, there was a number of fresh clams included, perfectly cooked. The whole thing was delicious, maybe a tad too much lemon, but I can live with that.

Picture corner of famous visitors. Waitresses were professionals and the service pretty much impeccable. The only drawback was that the median age of the customers was 90+ but, on the other hand, there were no screaming children.

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