Sunday, January 1, 2017

Best Lunches in 2016

There was a lot of good lunches to be had in 2016 with very few misses.

Best new Sichuan restaurant has to go to Sichuan Taste in Malden. They opened with a very extensive lunch menu that quickly got reduced down to 33+ item. The interior is classy, and the tables are beautiful, and both the owner and the manager is very friendly, and there are some really talented chefs in the kitchen.

I'm so happy that Sichuan Garden latest addition to the Laosichuan empire opened in Burlington.

Ibasaw in Malden isn't really the best in anything but worth a mention especially since they lowered the price of the AYCE Dim Sum and Sushi lunch to $12.95 Mon-Thurs. You can also now add Hot Pot for $3 more. Most likely new restaurant to close in 2017,

Bay Berry in Woburn also opened earlier this year, and I have had some really excellent and surprisingly tasty lunches here despite them being a vegan restaurant. The staff is also very very nice as is the restaurant itself. They have a private parking lot.

Best Dim Sum in Malden has to go to Yong Yong out of the four that serves Dim Sum every day. I really like that you order from a menu and the food is brought out fresh. The prices are also very reasonable during the week for lunch.

The Porch in Wakefield has only gotten better and better as the year passed by. They now offer excellent BBQ and a really nice Sunday Brunch. The brisket was outstanding. All the food is cooked to order, apart from the BBQ, and everything is SEASONED. Best deal ever is the Dark Meat Platter ($10) with two sides. It's a special, but it's worth asking if it's available.

C.K. Pearl in Essex is worth mentioning both for the food and the view.

Best cheap lunch has to go to Chicken & Rice Guys in Medford, Plenty of cheap and tasty food and don't forget the garlicky sauce that is excellent. Not too much to choose from but what they do, they do really well.

Best Fried Chicken goes to WUBurger Gourmet in Cambridge that opened in June and then promptly closed in November.

Commune Kitchen in Arlington opened in June and serve excellent food Wed-Sun. Their pizza crust is outstanding, and I also like their Poutine.

Best lunch deals have to be the half-priced wings at Buffalo Wild Wings and the half-priced tacos at Temazcal Cantina in Lynnfield. Both deals are available Tuesdays only.

Best new Indian lunch buffet goes to Virsa De Punjab in Medford. Very tasty food on an extensive buffet.

Best Sichuan dish has to go to JinGu with Frog Meat from the specials menu at Sichuan Gourmet in Framingham.

Most visited goes to Taipei Gourmet in Lexington. Run by a very friendly woman with excellent food coming out of the kitchen.

Worst lunch has to be shared between Seoul Kitchen Westford were everything on the buffet was cold, and French's Seafood in Tewksbury were the lobster roll was almost devoid of lobster meat and the Clam chowder had rubbery and sandy clams, not that there were many of them present. 
Thinking about it, I have to add Loui Loui in Stoneham. Not only was it expensive but the shrimp in the shrimp boil was of such low quality that I'll never be back.

2016 saw 274 blog posts (down from 330 in 2015) published with 1352 photos.

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